Happy National Cereal Day!

I know that I am a couple of days late (National Cereal Day was 03/07) but I wanted to wait until I had time to put everything together. I came up with a Cereal Bar party! I think this would be a fun theme for any age. Here is a mini example of my table set up:

I used small cereal boxes so that I could have more flavors with less waste and tied a spoon around the box.  I also baked some chocolate cupcakes and topped them with the the cereal that I had on display.

Next, I had to think about what kind of toppings (if any) would go with the cereals that I had chosen.  I came up with Marshmallows, Chocolate Chips and Peanut Butter Chips; I placed these into mason jars (as yet again I have a ton of these).  For the tags I used paint chips (I have been dying to use these for something).

For the invitations I used the idea B.Y.O.B – Bring Your Own Bowl, you could also used plastic bowls but I though it would be fun to see everyones choice of bowl.

The inspiration for this idea came from: Cereality

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