Mother’s Day Parfait Bar Party

I have put a lot of thought into my Mother’s day idea, with me being a mom I thought about what kind of party would I like to attend. Please see the board below for all of the pictures and labels of the ideas I have put together.

A) Mother’s Day cupcakes from

B) Parfait Bar Table from

C) Purse craft for the kids to work on while Moms can eat and enjoy the party from

D) Center Piece for the Parfait Bar Table- Flowers with fruit in the vase from and chalk blocks that you can write mom on from

E) Mother’s Day banner to put above the Parfait Bar Table from

F) Spa gift basket- You could easly make one but here is where I found the one shown

G) Mother’s Day cards to put on each table, have a card contest and put a number on the back of the card and have all of the moms vote for their favorite, this way all moms get to have a Mother’s Day card and local artists can display their art!  I found the flower pot card at, and the brown envlope card at

H) Mother’s Day pin, have a dot placed on the back of one pin to use as the winner for the spa gift basket.  The cute flower pins I found are from

I) This is a quick invitation idea a worked up on an app called iScrapbook on my mac.

Hope you all have a Happy Mother’s Day!

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