Cook off

A great idea to get some of your friends and family together is to do a cook off party! I think it would be a good idea to have a pampered chef party at the same time, what is papered chef you ask… it is a place to get some great cookware- and they usually cook for you during the party. So, why not pick a theme and contact a pampered chef consultant and see if he/she has any cookware that would be great in preparing that awarding winning item you have chosen.

The item I have chosen is Kabobs as it almost summer time and who doesn’t love to grill out! Have everyone bring enough items to make 3 or 4 Kabobs (depends on your party size) and you can have your pampered chef consultant bring some great items to show off.  Here are a few great items to help make those kabobs even better:

If you would like to get these great items for your party you can also buy them online!  Just go to this store:

Here are a few Kabob receipies to try:

One other great thing you have to have are some GREAT aprons!  Here are a few I have found on Amazon:


Check out my apron store!

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