Easy homemade donuts

For Mother’s Day I decided to treat myself to one of my childhood favorites, homemade donuts! I used to long for my sister to make these during summer break :). These are the easiest donuts to make the only ingredients you need is the pre-made biscuit dough in the tube, cinnamon and sugar.
Take the biscuits out and lay them on a flat surface and punch out the middles any small round (food safe) object will work but I used a lid cap. The next step is the put them in the oil fry them until they are golden brown then flip them over and wait for that side to get golden brown (I use a fry daddy and set my temperature at 350•). Once you lift the donuts out put them onto a plate filled with cinnamon and sugar before all of the oil drys.

Then this is what you will get:


If your interested in making a chalk board plate you just need to buy a plastic plate and black chalk board paint and presto you have a chalk board plate!


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