The Magazine Party

I buy and read TONS of magazines and for some reason I can never seem to throw them away so I have all of these magazines laying around thinking that I will read or look at them again. So, I have come up with this party to be able to use up all of the magazines that are just laying around. All of the decorations and games are centered around magazines; so gather up all of your old magazines an call your girl friends because this is a fabulous party idea!

Invite all of your girl friends over for a afternoon of fun, tell them to bring 2 old magazines and that you will have dinner and drinks but leave the reason for the magazines a mystery. Make sure your dinner and drinks are from magazines and display the page with the recipes for your guests. Here are my ideas for this party:

Invitations: The magazine party– I made this invitation with my mac in pages, I found a couple of the more popular magazines and screenshot the logos and inserted them into my document.

Decorations: A glass vase filled with paper flowers made from old magazine pages. The one displayed I made myself with a glass vase I had laying around the house and I got the directions on the large flower from: and the small round flowers from: Coasters made from magazine pages fount at:

Drinks: Nightlock’s Nemesis- from Cosmo This is a Hunger Games theme drink.

Food: Crispy Ham and Arugula Salad- from Real Simple


  • Quizzes- make sure to collect some magazines with some quizzes, you know the ones like you did when you were a early teen. Cosmo Quizzes, Seventeen Quizzes , Glamour Quizzes and Polls, People Quizzes
  • Magazine Scavenger Hunt- I used brown wrapping paper and wrote the items in crayon, I also made it large enough so the items could be cut and pasted onto the sheet.

I have broken my items for the Magazine Scavenger Hunt into 3 categories #1 Items, #2 Ads and #3 Hodge Podge:


  1. Dessert Recipe
  2. Beauty Tips
  3. Animal Print Handbag
  4. Football
  5. Sports Car
  6. Cupcake
  1. Eye shadow
  2. Jewelry
  3. Travel
  4. Appliance
  5. Craft Item
Hodge Podge:– Must be from from at least 2 different ads
  1. Outfit
  2. Kitchen
  3. Bedroom

Favors: Little bags made from Magazine pages, you can stuff these with anything! If you are having this party for a business then I would fill the bags with swag for the company, if this is a personal party then you could fill it with some local coupons- what women doesn’t like saving money! The picture below is a bag made from newspapers but just substute the newspaper for magazine pages- brought to you by:

Playlist: Brought to your by Spotify, I have made a play list with both slow relaxing songs for dinner then some good girls night out music for the game portion of the party.

I hope you enjoyed this party idea, if you decide to use my idea please email me some photos at – Heather

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