SmashBook The Magazine Party edition

I have mentioned before in another post how much I love my SmashBook but I thought I needed to post another photo of it.  I am absolutely in love with my SmashBook (Click here to watch their video), I have been using mine to “scrap” event ideas for a while now…  I start out drawing a possible layout of ideas for said events then add magazine clippings maybe even a mini invitation that I have created.  The best part of this book is that it expands with you, so you literally just smash it all in!  My favorite accessory that they sell are these little pockets that you can glue to any of the many pages, I love these because I can add business cards for business that might have a product I would like to feature for one of my event posts.  You can find SmashBooks at any craft store and most of your discounted retailers (Walmart, target, etc); however I purchased mine on Amazon because of the convenience of getting it shipped right to my door.

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