Red Mango

After posting all of these Chunky Monkey Mondays I think I need to post something that is somewhat on the heathy sied especially since it is swimsuit season!  I am not sure if you have a Red Mango near you but if you do and you haven’t tried it yet, you really need to…  I was skeptical at first but once I had my first bite I was hooked.  They have several flavors of frozen yogurt then you get to add toppings!  Oh the toppings that you can choose from; if you are trying to stay on the heathy side then they offer fresh berries; however if you are going all out they have plenty of sweet morsels for you.  I am lucky enough to have three of these wonder places in my town and one of them is even a self serve which I love.  Their service is always amazing; when you walk though the door there is usually someone to greet you and give you a couple of sample cups so you can taste the different flavors of frozen yogurt they offer.

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