Calling all Mocha Coffee lovers

Do you love Starbucks mocha coffee?  I know I do but I just can not afford to pay $4 everyday for a cup of coffee.  So, I have finally did it, I broke down and bought a Keurig machine…  After having the closest cup of Mocha compared to Starbucks’ at a friend’s house I was sold.  The Keurig machine is pricey and he cups seem expensive but if you do the math it really isn’t that bad. The Cafe Mocha cups are $19.47 for 24 cups that would equal out to be .82 cents a cup!  Even if you take the $175 for the machine (the one I purchased) and divide that over a year it would still be cheaper than a year of buying Starbucks!

Here are some crafty coffee cozies to go with your new coffee machine, that I just know you will be purchasing!  The cozies are brought to you by

2 thoughts on “Calling all Mocha Coffee lovers

  1. I am still loving My Keurig machine and the Mocha is still by far my favorite but I have to say I am really enjoying trying all of the other flavors as well! I think this is one of my best purchases this year… well besides my MacBook Air

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