Craft Wars- the second week

Show: Craft Wars

Channel: TLC

Day & Time: Tuesdays @ 10PM

If you haven’t tuned into this show yet and you are a crafter, this show is a must see!   The show is a crafting contest hosted by Tori Spelling Arthur of “CelebraTORI” (amongst other things).  Craft Wars has two challenges per show with three contests, the first craft challenge is the Pop Craft and the crafter have an hour to create something spectacular!  The second challenge is the Master Craft and the two winners from round one get to move onto this challenge.

Meet the judges:

 Erica Domesek Author of “P.S. I Made This”

Stephen Brown Owner of Glitterville Studios

Jo Pearson Creative Expert at Michaels

Last week:

The crafters had to make Sports bags made of sports equipment for their Pop Craft and for the Master Craft they had to make a playhouse from left over school supplies!  After seeing the amazing crafting that went on during the show I knew I would be tuning into this weeks episode.

This Week: 

The three contestants (I actually caught their names this time) Mandi, Kevin and Michaela were faced with turning a junk drawer into a functional birdhouse…  I don’t know how these crafters do it, I must have inspiration well okay Pinterest to be creative.  Even though Mandi was the first to be eliminated she was my favorite (her before and after room make-overs are very impressive)!  The master craft was to make a fully functional patio set out of beach gear.  The winner Kevin made a very impressive patio set and completely deserved his $10,000- oh did I forget to mention there is a cash prize?

Until next week Craft Wars

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