Have you hear of Yonanas? I heard about it a while back on Wake Up With Taylor on Cosmo radio (XM Serius Radio Channel 109) and I didn’t think too much of it other then they seemed to love it. Recently while I was on vacation I seen the machine at Target and I started to really think this just might be great for my kids! One quick look at all the recipes had me headed right over to Amazon to order mine. If you haven’t heard of this machine then STOP everything you are doing and watch their video– go ahead go watch it I will wait….

Now that you are back I will share how much I love this machine! I was very worried about the texture of the Yonanas with the dessert being made with completely fruit, but it is just like soft serve ice cream- maybe a little sticker… So far my favorite recipe is one that is one that I made up; I took frozen bananas and frozen apples rotated putting half of a banana and some apples through the machine. Next, I drizzled carmel sauce over the Yonanas and added chopped peanuts on top and voila you have carmel apple Yonanas!

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