Craft Wars- Week Three

-> “Fire up your glue guns” <-

Show: Craft Wars

Channel: TLC

Day & Time: Tuesdays @ 10PM

If you haven’t tuned into this show yet and you are a crafter, this show is a must see!   The show is a crafting contest hosted by Tori Spelling Arthur of “CelebraTORI” (amongst other things).  Craft Wars has two challenges per show with three contests, the first craft challenge is the Pop Craft and the crafter have an hour to create something spectacular!  The second challenge is the Master Craft and the two winners from round one get to move onto this challenge.

Meet the judges:

 Erica Domesek Author of “P.S. I Made This”

Stephen Brown Owner of Glitterville Studios

Jo Pearson Creative Expert at Michaels

To see my recap of Last weeks show click here

                             This Week:

Pop Craft- Make a toy box made from toys

Amy NG who loves making crafts with plus animals made a Lagoon Monster Toy Box

Brad Strickland who builds Slumber Party Castles made a Primary color toy box

Pam Naughton who is a Giltter Lover made a Robot Toy Box

The judges really didn’t like that Amy used felt instead of painting her monster because the toy boxes were made to be used by children and that could get messy; since children often have sticky hands.  Brad’s box was unfortunately very messy – I really had high hopes after seeing the picture of some of the castles he makes.  He made a box and used the primary colors and then attached some toys to the outside of the box but well that was really it.  A robot toy box was Pam’s choice and this box was very creative however I have to agree with the judges that the glitter would get very messy- I would not want this in my house I would have glitter from one end of the house to the other!  I was very happy with the judges choice to send Brad home as his toy box just wasn’t impressive.

Master Craft -Build a pet mansion made out of pet toys

Pam’s Glitter palace was truly breath-taking (for a pet house), she was very creative by using tennis balls with her table, a pet leash matt and glittered dog bones on the roof!  A dog and cat loft style home was Amy’s craft and was very architectural but unfortunately was a little plain… The judges didn’t like that Pam didn’t use white glue for her glitter again but other than that had only good things to say about her palace, Amy’s plain loft didn’t fare so well as the top floor was bare and she didn’t use too many of the pets toys for the actual making of the loft.  It really was an easy decision for me as to who should have one; although I liked the design of Amy’s home it really was lacking in the pet toys so I hands down agreed with the judges when they choice Pam’s Glitter palace!

To see photos of the crafts from the show click here!

until next week Craft Wars

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