Craft Wars- Week four

Unfortunately I missed this weeks episode… I completely forgot to set my DVR- (Don’t worry I have fixed this issue)  So I had to do digging around online to find out what crafts were done and who the contestants were.

-> “Fire up your glue guns” <-

Show: Craft Wars

Channel: TLC

Day & Time: Tuesdays @ 10PM

If you haven’t tuned into this show yet and you are a crafter, this show is a must see!   The show is a crafting contest hosted by Tori Spelling Arthur of “CelebraTORI” (amongst other things).  Craft Wars has two challenges per show with three contests, the first craft challenge is the Pop Craft and the crafter have an hour to create something spectacular!  The second challenge is the Master Craft and the two winners from round one get to move onto this challenge.

Meet the judges:

 Erica Domesek Author of “P.S. I Made This”

Stephen Brown Owner of Glitterville Studios

Jo Pearson Creative Expert at Michaels

Pop craft:  Keep sake box

Lets meet this weeks contestants:

    Andrea Currie– has her own internet craft show

   Esther Hall– sells her crafts on the crafty site Etsy

   Kathy (couldn’t find her last name)- has her own crafting website

Master Craft:  Photo Booth

Unfortunately this is all I have for you on last weeks show, I really wish I would have caught this episode or TLC would at least run a another showing.  The photo booth craft looks like so much fun that I might even give this one a try in a few months- you never know maybe I will try this one out for the holidays!  For pics of the crafts click here!


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