Craft wars week five

-> “Fire up your glue guns” <-

Show: Craft Wars

Channel: TLC

Day & Time: Tuesdays @ 10PM

 I know I am a bit late with this post unfortunately it has been hard to find time to watch craft wars with it being the busy season at work and having three toddlers… Anyhow here is my recap of last weeks craft wars:

 Meet the judges:

 Erica Domesek Author of “P.S. I Made This”

Stephen Brown Owner of Glitterville Studios

Jo Pearson Creative Expert at Michaels

Last weeks episode is by far my favorite so far and that may because the crafts were holiday crafts!!  I love the holidays and start getting excited for them in the summer and I even break out some holiday music on my iPod from time to time…

Pop craft:  Turn winter clothing into a Christmas wreath

Lets meet this weeks contestants:

Margot Potter– Professional crafter

Ivan Lopez-  Jack of all crafting trades

Cheryl Darrow– Crafting since 80’s

Margot’s wreath seems to be a little messy to me, I really didn’t like the sweater around the wreath it was loose looking and it didn’t seem to be very Christmasey.  Cheryl’s wreath was very pretty, well all except those awful sweater flowers; however I really liked the way Cheryl incorporated the newspaper into her wreath.  The judges disliked Ivan’s wreath; however I LOVED it, his use of the scrabble letters and the black buttons were genius- well in my book.  The black buttons reminded me of Santa’s suit, and what is more Christmasey than Santa??  The judges did not have the same opinions so Ivan was the first to be sent home 😦

Master Craft:  Make a Christmas Tree from gift wrapping items

I was very excited to see how these trees turned out that I even fast forwarded through the drama of the ladies crafting to see the results.  I really thought I was going to love Margot’s tree, her ornaments were so cute; however her colors were a bit of a stretch for me.  Cheryl’s tree was amazing!  My favorite part was the tree itself since she used chalk to decorate and I am really into chalk crafts… the judges said that kids would just rub it off- well who said it was going to be for the kids??  In the end Cheryl’s tree won so I was happy even though I again didn’t agree with the judges as to why, I really didn’t like the topper- it didn’t light up.  If you would like to see the crafts from the show please click here!


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