Are you an avid reader?  Are you always looking for that next great read?  Well I have a site/app for you!  I discovered Goodreads on Flavors (where my current website is hosted).  Unfortunately this site doesn’t seem to be commonly known or my friends don’t seem to read?!?!  Even though I seem to only have one friend on Goodreads I am still really enjoying this site/app.  On your “bookshelf” you can add books you have read, rate them and add books that you want to read.  Based off the books you want to read and that you have read you get book recommendations, you even get to see what your friends are reading and want to read.  I enjoy browsing books reading the reviews and getting my recommendations off the books I have already read so I can find the next book I am going to dive into!  I am so happy that I have found this site so I can finally quit bugging my sister to recommend a good book for me.

You can add me as your friend on Goodreads my user name is 31heatherb, I look forward to reading with you!

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