Create Your Own Hot Dog Party

August’s event I choose to do a hot dog party- even though July’s is national hot dog month…  Anyway hot dogs are served at almost any summer BBQ that you attend so I wanted to make this one stand out!  I have gather crafts, ingredients and items from all over to come up with this party!

Dinner ware: I used my Amazon store for all of my dinner ware, if you would like more details on any of the items click here to see my store.


Invitations: I got the invitation idea from something I found at P.S. Blog the invitation shown is a hamburger but I though I could make that and have it be a hot dog.  I wasn’t able to get as creative as I wanted to; I can’t lie I ran out of time 😦  Anyhow, my idea was to create an invitation that was a hot dog, bun and with all of the fixings and to have each main piece have the details of the party BUT to leave all the pieces loose so the guests could “create their own hot dog”.  Here is what I came up with please forgive me for it not being as neat and nice as my inspiration invitation. 

Decorations: I also created little cards that had creative types of hot dog creations and listed all of the ingredients.  I think it would be super cute to put these on little stands and display around the table so that guests would have some inspiration.

Drinks: I chose a nice summery drink, a Watermelon-Mint Cooler- this was featured on the cover of July’s Real Simple Magazine.

Playlist: I created a nice country playlist  (On Spotify) for this party, as there is nothing better than sitting outside with friends listening to some good ole county music!

I hope you enjoyed my Create Your Own Hot Dog party, and don’t forget about my september reveal a book exchange party!


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