Crock pot carrot cake!

I found myself needing to make a cake yesterday afternoon for my husbands birthday; however our air conditioner has been on the fritz so I really didn’t want to turn my oven on since it was already over 80 degrees in the house. I remembered seeing cake made in a crock pot on Pinterest so I quickly logged on the get the recipe before I went to the store to buy the ingredients, and I was only able to find chocolate cakes and although chocolate is my favorite my husbands is carrot… So, it was time to get creative and substitute ingredients to make it work for the carrot cake instead of chocolate. I wrote down all of my ingredients and headed to the store soon realizing that I wrote down the ingredients but not the measurements… My ingredients were: Box of carrot cake- easy enough, 4 eggs- again easy, vegetable oil- easy I already had this, sour cream- no measurement and last instant vanilla pudding- again no measurement. So, for the vanilla pudding I was pretty clever and bought one of each size with the though I can always make pudding for my girls at a later time, then it came time to get the sour cream and I really didn’t want to buy more than I needed just to have it waste in my refrigerator so I opted for the small one… When I arrived back home I quickly checked the recipe again and it called for the large container of sour cream but me being me though well what do I have to lose and just starting mixing everything up and praying for the best.

So here is the recipe I used:

1 Box of Carrot cake mix

4 Large eggs

3/4 cups vegetable oil

1 Small box of instant vanilla pudding

1 Small container of sour cream

Mix everything together with a mixer, I suggest mixing your dry ingredients first then adding your eggs, and oil. Spray some pam on the inside of your crock pot (I later read a recipe that said to line with tin foil) and set your crock pot on high for 4 hours. Pour your mix in the crock pot put lid on and do not remove the lid for 4 hours.

I patiently waited my 4 hours and held my breath well lifting the lid off and guess what the cake was actually done all the way through, next step the taste test… I got a piece our for my husband and I and we sat down to eat our cake and to my amazement it was actually very good! I will now bake any cake during the summer in the crock pot… I have been looking for a S’mores cake recipe to try next and when I find one I like I will be sure to share it.

-Heather B



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