Back to school party

It is that time… back to school for the kids, so what would be better than throwing a back to school party for your kids?  Here are some great decoration, gifts and game ideas for cool party for the kiddos.

I found the best table set up from: plus this has all of the needed school supplies to use as gifts!  What kid would like to come to a party where there is all of these wonderful school supplies that they can play with then take home with them after the party is over, and I am sure you can find most of these at the dollar store.

What back to school party would be complete with out a snack, check out this table set up I found at:  I really Love the center piece that they used scrabble pieces for spelling out Back To School!

Crayons and cupcakes seem like the best combination for a  kids Back to school party.  I found these scrumptious cupcakes at:

Have the kids make their own notebooks for school, I found the best homemade note books made out of cardboard boxes at:  I truly love that these are made from recycled items and the kids will love that they have unique notebooks.

– Enjoy Heather B

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