Savannah Vacation

If you have never been to Savannah, GA I highly recommend that you make a visit.  The downtown area is amazing!  Here are my recommendations if you do get a chance to visit:

Stay: at the Hyatt– This hotel is right on the river and has some of the best views!


  • You most defiantly have to eat at Paula Dean’s restaurant Lady and Son’s- I unfortunately missed out on this one when I was in town but when I get a chance to go back this will be one of my 1st stops!
  • River House Seafood- I did make it to this place and the food was amazing, and make sure you try their signature drink Chatham Artillery Punch- make sure you are not driving.


  • Forsyth Park– this has the spectacular fountain you always see when you see something about savannah
  • Downtown squares– Walking through the historic downtown area is just breath-taking with all of the squares, I think I could spend the day just sitting in one of these squares and taking in the view


  • You have to do at least one of the many ghost tours they have, I did two 🙂  Click to see the full list!
  • Savannah Day spa– if you on vacation what better way to get relaxed then with a nice massage.

If you are lucky enough to be able to visit during the holiday season make sure you visit

– Heather B


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