Introducing 13 days of Halloween!

I absolutely LOVE the holiday season and for me it kicks off with Halloween.  So, for my October event post I have decided to change it up; instead of posting just one event on the 3rd (don’t worry for those of you that were excited about my murder mystery party ideas, it will be a part of the 13 party themes) I will be posting 169 Halloween related items.  Here is an outline of what I will be posting about:

  1. 13 Halloween Movies
  2. 13 Costume ideas
  3. 13 Haunted Houses
  4. 13 Decked out decorated houses
  5. 13 Halloween songs
  6. Top 13 Haunted places
  7. 13 Scary books
  8. 13 Party Themes
  9. 13 Halloween treats
  10. 13 Halloween drinks
  11. 13 Halloween Crafts
  12. 13 Halloween gifts
  13. 13 Pumpkin carvings

If you love Halloween as much as I do you will want to come back to check out what I have found for you!  13 days of Halloween start on October the 19th and will continue through the 31st.

* Side note, if you are interesting in contributing to the 13 nights of Halloween please feel free to contact me @ and I will be happy to post your creativeness!


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